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There’s a new beauty kid on the block: South Korean beauty brand Belif has entered the UK and it promises us to be “the most truthful and sincere cosmetic brand that you have ever come across”. Now that is quite an ambitious, if not bold, statement. Promising however is that Napiers, one of the oldest natural healthcare and herbal medicine companies in Britain, supplies the “original formulas” to Belif. Reason enough to put Belif to the test.

I tried several products to get a good idea of this ambitious brand: moisturizing bomb, aqua bomb, Hungarian water essence, the true anti-aging essence, lip balm, etc. In general, the products look great. The packaging is minimalistic and practical. All products I’ve tested feel very fresh and pure. They all have a scent but never overbearing. The creams are light on your skin and at the same time you can almost feel your skin ‘drinking’ the product. Let me highlight a few products:

belif-true-cream-aqua-bomb-splash-300The True Cream – Aqua Bomb
A lovely light almost gel like cream that feels super light but moisturises very well. Perfect under make-up. With Napiers aqua formulacontaining Lady’s Mantle, often called a woman’s hydrating herb, this refreshing gelcream supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming aprotective layerthat wraps the skin in comfort. Lady’s Mantle helps soften the skin with natural properties to remove dry, scaly and flaky skin. Napiers Aqua Formula calms the skin by supplying moisture and minerals and improves elasticity.

belif-true-anti-aging-essenceThe True Anti-Aging Essence
This product is so liquid, it takes a bit getting used when applying it the first few times, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it. The essence has two layers: Calendula’s ultra moisturising properties in a cream combined with Acai Berry’s antioxidant essence which help keep early-onset ageing in check. When shaken,the two layers, which stay naturally separated, turn into a soft milky lotion, providing abundant moisture and nutrients whilepreventing skin aging. Love the smell!

balmalmightyThe Balm Almighty                               This little miracle balm delivers instant moisture and relief to a variety of skin areas, such as cuticles, tips of brittle hair, elbows, heels, and other dry cracked skin areas. It is formulated with Borage oil rich in a variety of minerals to soothe the skin, and Lavender oil to protect the skin from hazardous factors while keeping dried and damaged skin soft and hydrated. I keep it in my bag for emergency frizz moments.

I haven’t been using the products long enough to see the full effects, but so far I must say it feels great to use them. Time will tell if I become a true Belifer. Do give them a go and let us know what you think. You can buy Belif online through Napiers.

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