Horsing around – new organic shampoo craze

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Now, this may seem a bit odd but there is a current trend happening which will definitely have heads turning. This new innovation is; using organic horse shampoo as a treatment for your hair. Especially, for barnets which have been ruined by strengtheners, dye or permanent waves. I first heard of this trend on a trip to my hairdressers (a branded salon in Soho, London). My hairdresser beamed that her hair had never been in better condition since using horse products.

Horses have extremely brittle hair, which is hard to manage, and the thinking behind this new craze is that their shampoo is much stronger and more intense than shampoo for humans.


I know what you’re thinking, if they are so good, then why haven’t they made this into a product for humans? Well, it is a pretty new craze and something that is due to be marketed for our consumption very soon. However, the organic horse treatment such as Quistel Organic Bio Restoring Horse & Pony and Wahl Tea Tree Shampoo –Horse & Conditioners are perfectly safe for humans to use. The products are available on ebay, amazon or any equestrian websites.

Allmygoodness, plan to test run these organic products and find out whether horse shampoo really does make a difference. Will we have the locks of a shiny stallion or be having a (night)mare?

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