New children’s books not to be missed

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Despite this digital era, few things are so rewarding and special as to help your child appreciate the magical world of printed books. It sparks their imagination, helps them see the beauty of language, creates an intimate moment between you and your child and hopefully plants a seed for them to become regular readers – a gift for life.

We’ve found a few wonderful new children’s books that are not to be missed:

Mouseton Abbey – story by Nick Page and Joanna Bickwell, illustrations by Tim Hutchinson

mouseton abbeyFor all Downton Abbey lovers – and everyone else for that matter – comes this adorable story by popular children’s publisher Make Believe Ideas about the mice of Mouseton Abbey and their upcoming Cheesemas celebration. Forgetful Lord Roquefort  has lost The Great Big Cheesy Diamond and without it they cannot celebrate Cheesemas! Follow Lord Roquefort and the mice of Mouseton Abbey as they join together to search for the missing diamond. Will Cheesemas be ruined? Or will the mice manage to find the diamond just in time?

The adorable mouse characters are all hand-knitted; if only they came with the book as little puppets… A lovely story not to be missed.

Lost My Name – words by David Cadji-Newby and illustrations by Pedro Serapicos

Lost-My-Name-Personalised-Book-1024x349This special and personalized book will take your child on a magical adventure while finding each letter of his or her name, presented to them by the most amazing characters. Yes, that’s right: each book is unique and carries the name of your child in the best possible way I have ever encountered. It is so well done that you would think it is purely a coincidence that the book is about your child’s name. Lovely illustrations that would make magical wall stickers. The books are printed A4 size landscape and are printed digitally in the UK on thick, uncoated, environmentally-friendly paper. You can see what your book would look like here. The project is 100% independent, self-funded and self-published by three dads and an uncle. The love and dedication for this project clearly shows when you see the book. Easy to order online and yours within 10 days. The ultimate gift in our book!

The Anagranimals and the Wishing Treeby Leith Moghli.

COVER-FRONTThe Anagranimals have not always been Anagranimals. Once upon a time they were ordinary every day animals. But the animals wanted to be anything but ordinary. They longed to be able to do things that other animals could do. So, when a magical wishing tree grants them a special wish, they each wish for the best parts of their favourite animals… A fun story full of imagination any child will love.

More stories in the series and soft toys on the way.

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