Naturalmente – a biodynamic detox for your hair

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Naturalmente originated in Italy and now they have come to the UK. Their hair products are described as a ‘biodynamic detox for your hair’. If your hair needs the life injected back into it, Naturalmente is for you.

They offer a range of natural, organic and eco-friendly plant-based products. Naturalmente products are free of petrochemical by-products and synthetic substances, and are not tested on animals so they are best for your wellbeing and best for our earth.

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Their variety of products are said to address the sebum production imbalances that may lead to excessively oily or dry scalps, and includes shampoos, conditioners, hydrating treatments, hair masks and waxes.

They have a myriad of flavours, including geranium and fennel, aloe and sandalwood, and rosemary and lavender. These are based on a wide array of natural essential oils and extracts from biodynamically and organically grown plants and they are free from synthetic formulas.

The range is suitable for vegans with the exception of the Conditioner with Yogurt and Millet, the Beeswax Styling Wax and Miele Fine Hair Restructuring Fluid. Some products contain wheat and soy proteins, but all are free from nuts.

If you want to rejuvenate your hair then Naturalmente is for you.

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