Make tea your potion

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Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world and with good reason: tea is a blissful drink with loads of health benefits. Recent studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) now even reveal that not only does tea offer a source of antioxidants, other natural compounds found in tea are linked to weight loss, reduced cancer and cardiovascular risk, improved bone health, mood and alertness.

tea plucking by human handsWhen picking your tea, preferably go for organic whole leaf tea. Organic tea is free from chemicals and whole leaf tea offers the best part of the tea plant, as opposed to the powdery left-over tea many big brands tend to put in their tea bags, which will make a huge difference in taste and health benefits. Black tea is the most processed and has the most caffein, white tea is the least processed tea and the leaves are picked earlier in the year. Green tea is somewhere in between. These are mere basics; tea is comparable to wine in many ways: where it is grown, how it is processed, the way you drink it (first or second brew, ceremonial tea, etc.) and recognizing the difference in taste takes knowledge, experience and developed taste.

To save you time we will share with you some of our favourite cuppa’s.

For a pick-me-up

earl-grey-strong-15sKnown for their high quality whole leaf tea, teapigs recently added two limited edition blends to the range: earl grey strong and darjeeling. Teapigs earl grey strong is a lovely earl grey blend: strong yet delicately perfumed. This earl grey is a perfect blend of assam, rwandan, ceylon and darjeeling with the right amount of bergamot. One of the best earl grey teas I’ve ever tasted.

darjeeling-15sComing from a tea garden high up in the Himalayan Hills, teapigs darjeeling is a wonderful tea to start your day with, thanks to the clean vibrant taste that is just strong enough. A very nice black tea that goes well with a bit of milk, but is just as delicious to drink pure.

I highly recommend trying the other teapigs teas as well. Not sure which one to pick? Check the mood-o-meter to find out which tea matches your mood.

To relax and calm the senses

pukkaPukka Night Time: I drink this almost every night to help me relax and unwind. Lovely mix of  oat flower, lavender and lime flower. Pukka teas are amazing; representing the great traditions of herbalism, Ayurveda and Nature, all herbs in Pukka teas are grown in sustainably managed certified organic projects.

ayurveda UnknownAyurveda Pura’s De-Stress™ Herbal Tea:  a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, hand selected from around the world. It helps to calm the mind, de-stress the body and balance the digestion system. It can also help to detoxify the body and balance the Vata (air & space) Dosha and is suitable for all body types, persons and ages. I love to drink this tea in the afternoon or evening to unwind. I’m really hooked on this one!

To impress

Lotus-Flower-IMG424Tea Palace flowering tea: If you want to impress your guests, go for Tea Palace’s delicately handmade artisan blossom green tea. Once opened it reveals a lotus bloom at the base with a spear of jasmine flowers growing out of it, topped by a pink amaranth blossom. This blossom not only looks gorgeous but has a sweet light delicate taste of jasmine. You will need a see-through teapot of course (also available at Tea Palace).

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