New beauty essentials you want to know about

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A girl can’t have too many beauty products I say, so ladies, let me share with you some wonderful beauty essentials I’ve discovered lately.
Mendill Organic Towelettes

tangerine-gallery04The gorgeously scented and individually wrapped wipes fit into the smallest of clutches to help refresh and revive any part of the body, anytime, anywhere. Use it for cleansing, re-energizing, relaxing, cooling, soothing stings, scratches and sunburn or to sanitise surfaces like yoga mats. Each neat sachet contains one generously sized certified organic cotton towel that’s bathed in certified organic essential oil and free from any synthetic ingredients. Mendill Organic Towelettes are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, and available in Eucalyptus and Lavender aromas from all four BeautyMART retail locations (Harvey Nichols London and Liverpool, Box Park Shoreditch and TopShop Oxford Circus) as well as online.Also available in Orange, Tangerine and Lemon from priced £10 for a box of 20 wipes.

I’ve tried them all and absolutely love them (especially the tangerine). They are in my bag to stay!

ARK Anti-Aging Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer and Regenerating Skin Defence 
1837_regenskindefence_265x265pxARK, known for its ‘age appropriate’ treatments, recently launched two new must-have products: an anti-aging primer with SPF and a regenerating serum. I’ve tried them both and they are pretty darn good. Both have the fresh herby scent most ARK products have and the stylish bottles/jars look great in any bathroom – and that’s just the outside.
You can use these two products together in your morning routine. Start with cleaning your face and put on the Regenerating Skin Defence, like a serum. It has a very pleasant touch, fresh and more nourishing than most serums. Advanced plant stem-cell technology repairs and regenerates skin cells to leave you with more firm and smooth skin. £42 for 50 ml.
spf30-primerFollow up with the Anti-Aging Skin Protector and if you wish add make-up. The primer is a true must-have: not only is it clinically proven to benefit your skin because of the vitamins and antioxidants, the SPF 30 primer will protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays while evening out skin tone and giving you a more radiant complexion. Make-up looks flawless and stays on all day. I can’t say it enough: this is a basic, a must-have.
£36 for 30 ml.
Ayurveda Pura Natural Wellbeing Survival Kit
Staying true to the Ayurveda principles, Ayurveda Pura has created 7 different wellbeing kits for a healthy and balanced body and mind. We’ve tried the Calm Your Mind Kit, containing De-Stress Herbal Tea, De-Stress Rejuvenating Skin Toner, Brahmi Herb, a guidline how to use the products for maximum benefit and a Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag.
This is such a great idea, and it makes such a great gift! As you know we LOVE the tea in this kit: amazing taste, calming, soothing and detoxifying. The Rejuvenating Skin Toner is a really good toner. It feels more nourishing than most toners, that can seem very watery.   It has a lovely aroma and my skins responds well to it. All in all a calming and pleasant experience. Why not try one of the kits yourself and see how they benefit you?
I trust these beauty essentials will brighten your day. Till next time, ladies!

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