Muslin – an effective and economical exfoliator

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Still detoxing after New Year? Often after the holiday period, the toxins start to come out of your skin and blemishes can appear. To prevent these imperfections you should exfoliate.

One way to exfoliate that has been used for centuries is to use a muslin cloth and antiseptic face wash or cream.

Muslin is a loosely woven cotton fabric. Air moves easily through muslin clothing, making it suitable for hot and dry climates. Muslin cloth is perfect for cleansing with gentle fibres to provide a non-abrasive exfoliating action. The loose weave means that the cloth dries quickly to stay clean and hygienic.

The fabric is believed to have originated in Ancient Bengal. For millennia, it was considered one of the finest luxury textiles, and adorned royalty and nobility across Asia.

Liz Earle  have a range of pure muslin cloths, however, they are widely available in many local shops. Marks and Spencers and The Body Shop also have a range of muslin cloths.

They are easy to use. Simply rinse the cloth under hand-hot water and gently wring it out before using to wipe your skin. Use the cloth with circular massage movements to stimulate the skin, dislodge dead skin cells and lift away impurities and make up. The great thing about these cloths is that you can use them again and again so they are very eco-friendly.

Invest in this cheap and natural exfoliator.

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