Feel the heat – the best of organic hair protectants

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For months we have helped you improve the quality of your damaged hair. We have experimented with the best of organic hair dye, doused our locks in hair oils and tested natural shampoos, but, how do we prevent hair damage in the first place?

The main thing that can cause hair damage is over brushing and heat. With brushing you can invest in a good paddle brush and be careful whilst brushing when wet. Alternatively, you can use a soft bristle brush on dry hair.

You should limit straightening or curling your hair to once or twice a week. Blow drying is not quite as bad for your hair so you can do this more often. However, when you use all these heated devices on your hair, you should use a heat protections spray.

There are several organic heat protection sprays on the market. We recommend hair protectants that have natural organics ingredients such as oils. Heated curlers and straighteners strip the hair of moisture and these products help replenish the hair follicles. This also means less split ends.

ORS Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray


Grapeseed oil

Argan oil

Invest in a heat protectant and take the guilt out of styling your hair.

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