Banish the winter blues

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imagesWinter is a typical Vata and Kapha Season. Vata qualities are those of dryness and coldness. Kapha qualities are those of wetness and coldness. The aim is to reduce Vata and Kapha. This is best done through bringing in some warmth and heat via foods, herbs, massages, yoga and everyday life style. Follow these simple but effective Ayurvedic tips to banish the Winter Blues.


Make a stimulating tea by boiling equal amounts of black pepper, cumin seeds, ginger and lemon juice. Filter the tea and consume it 2-3 times a day. This will help to bring back that enthusiasm and energy.


One of the best food supplements during winter is Chyawanprash. Made of approximately 47 herbs this vegetarian supplement is the best companion for winter. One teaspoon taken in hot water as a hot herbal drink will give that much needed boost to your energy and make the body feel lighter and energetic.


Regular self massage at home with warm sesame seed oil will help to nourish the skin and the body.


Stimulating yoga practices like the Sun Salutation is very helpful. Sun Salutations is a flowing yoga sequence made up of 12 different positions. As the name goes, not only do we salute to the sun but also help to increase the metabolism within the body. It is an energising sequence that helps to regulate the endocrine system resulting in boost of physical, mental and emotional energy.

Follow this by warming breathing exercises like Bastrika known as The Breath of Fire. Our usual breathing pattern is such that we breathe in actively but breathing out is a passive action. But in breath of fire, one breathes in and breathes out in an active conscious way. Take a deep prolonged breath in and follow this by a deep prolonged breath out. When you breathe in let your abdomen balloon out and when you breathe out pull your abdominal muscles in as much as possible. Repeat this for 10 breath counts and take a break.


It may be cold out there but don’t let this stop you from going out. Include short walks in your daily routine. This will help to remove the heaviness and lethargy from the body.

One of the best activities during winter to keep those winter blues away is to go dancing or group activities like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates. It is essential that you spend more time around people than being alone.

Quick morning routine

maintea_714791aStart off with ginger lemon tea to help kick start the metabolism. Follow this with a spoonful of Chyawanprash in hot water to give that extra boost to energy. Porridge would be best for breakfast to give both energy and nourishment.


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