Introducing the ‘Biskie’

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Cutter and Squidge all began from a ‘compact’ kitchen in North West London. They are a family business who believe in health conscious foods and not overly fatty or sugar laden foods to add taste.

Biskies are their brilliant invention. A fresh, handmade creation of biscuit, cookie and cake, layered with special light buttercreams and handmade jams and caramels. The result is a moorish blend of crisp, soft, chewy and creamy delivering a massive flavour fiesta.

Cutter and Squidge make a special all natural base for their buttercream which means they can halve the amount butter and sugar and pack it with real fruit for maximum flavour.

05They make everything from scratch and where possible use real British ingredients or source from British producers where they can’t. Their Madagascan vanilla is actually but produced by a small British Company called Little Pods. Their eggs are always free range and, along with English farmhouse butter.

Biskies don’t have unnecessary fats, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Their flavourings and colourings are all natural. The hulk green of the green tea biskie is purely from the premium grade matcha tea they use and the crazy pinkness of the raspberry biskie is all from pure raspberry.

Biskies are available to order from their bakery (on Kings road, Chelsea) or you can pick them up from  Selfridges London Food Hall.

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