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A Perfume Organic is passionately committed to offering the finest certified organic perfumes possible.

The perfumes smell delightful. GREEN is their signature fragrance. It is a juicy herbal potion with rose, black truffle, blue and roman chamomile and a dose of ylang ylang with a smooth woody finish. The citrus fruits, rare spices and precious herbs make a refreshing fragrance. Furthermore, the perfumes last longer than your regular synthetic perfume and they are great value at £38.00.

100624_APerOrg_039_0A Perfume Organic is created by designer and perfumer Amanda Walker, an innovator of creative formulas and ecological packaging. Amanda wanted to offer a natural, healthier alternative to synthetic perfumes, which are full of acetone, petroleum, and phthalates (used to make plastics). Hundreds of studies have linked these chemicals to asthma, migraines, birth defects, cancer and air pollution.

Inspired by her training with Master Perfumers and Distillers, Amanda was reminded perfume was originally produced from flowers, fruit, herbs and spices. Amanda only wanted to use the finest, safest, and purest ingredients from plants.

A Perfume Organic can be bought from their online shop.

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