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Anyone who is a bit fitness obsessed like me will tell that it’s very important to switch up your exercising regime from time to time. Even though it’s good to get into a routine and exercises at least 4-5 times a week, the actual routine itself, i.e. doing the same workouts and moves week in week out, won’t take you very far.

It’s really beneficial “to keep your muscles guessing” or “shock your body” into improving, or simply prevent yourself from getting bored.  That’s why I love trying new classes and finding new ways to challenge myself.

Recently, I had a chance to go to a Speedflex class and I absolutely loved it! Simply because I can’t get enough of good circuit based workouts. But most importantly because it’s 100 per cent unique and I have never tried something like that before.


You know when you go to some classes and you can sort of compare them? Well, there really is nothing like Speedflex – at least not to my knowledge. To put it simply, it’s a 45min HIIT group training session using 7 unique Speedflex machines, which automatically respond to and create resistance levels based on the force you apply to them, which means you get a unique workout tailored to your own strength. This is great as you can really take it at your own level, whilst still benefitting from all the social elements of a class environment. It also means you can really challenge yourself if you want to! J It’s the perfect combination of training alone, but within a group.

All the gadget freaks will love the fact the workout involves measurement tools which helps you keep a track of your progress and calories burned. Also, the trainers are super friendly and they really motivate you to keep going.


To top things off, you can also get a very comprehensive health screening and learn not only how much you weigh, but also your body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. It’s not all about calories and pounds people!  You also get an introduction class which really explains the benefits of this workout and gets you excited about the class.

The classes are available in London and Newcastle at the moment, check out their website for more information and prices www.speedflex.com.


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