How To ‘Green’ Your Beauty Routine

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Don’t just be a pretty face; think about the time, money and energy you’ll save by making small changes to your beauty regime. Being eco-conscious doesn’t have to be all or nothing, there are small changes that can collectively make a big impact not only to your electricity bills and water usage but also to the environment – and as a bonus make you even more beautiful.


1.      Avoid hot showers and turn off the water

Hot water is actually damaging for your skin and your hair. Hot water ‘melts’ the skin’s natural oils, which are essential for moisture. As a result skin can become dry and irritated. Similarly, hot water opens up hair cuticles, which removes dirt, but also removes moisture, leaving your hair feeling dry and brittle. Turn the heat down, to save on your heating bills. If you can, try to turn off the shower whilst you lather up, or at least switch off the tap when you brush your teeth, or take your make up off.  Every minute the tap runs, several litres of water goes down the drain. You’ll save huge amounts of water and huge amounts of money on your water bill.


makeup2.      Apply your make-up next to a window

Rather than using artificial light, apply your make up next to a window. Sunlight is the purest form of light and is therefore extremely crisp, bright, and also the most unforgiving. Applying make-up using natural light will ensure that no matter where you are, your complexion will look flawless. Ensure that the light source, i.e. the window is directly in front of you to illuminate the front and sides of your face. Not only will this help with applying your makeup, but it will also save on your electricity bills.

3.      Buy multi-purpose products

Think of the amount of packaging and materials you’ll save if you use a combined lip and cheek stain, rather than individual products for each. Jane Iredale is a great example of a product that works equally well on the cheeks as it does on the lips. Also, invest in a highlighter. Buying this one product will cover off all your beauty needs, such as accentuating your cheekbones, eyelids, and glossing your lips.

blow-drying-hair-vintage-5904.      Blow off the blow dry

Did you know that a hairdryer uses the same amount of energy as four plasma TVs? Try to air dry your hair at least once every three washes. Not only will this help to repair any hair damage (exposing your hair to heat from a dryer will damage its inner cortex, making it dry and frizzy), but it will also cut down the amount of energy you use.  Use a hairdryer with a ceramic heating element. This will not only help to lock in your hair’s natural moisture, but will also dry your hair faster. This in turn will save you time, and is much more energy efficient. Also, try using a dry shampoo to extend the number of days you go without washing your hair. This not only saves on water, but also the energy used by your hair dryer. Plus dry shampoo is great for adding volume!

5.      Replace don’t refuse

Use an eco-friendly toothbrush with replaceable bristles, rather than throwing away the whole thing every few months. Also, use a razor with replaceable blades, and make sure you dry the blade after use, as it’s actually the moisture that dulls the blade quickly, more so than actual use.

6.      Recycle recycle recycle

Whether it’s plastic, electrical, wooden or metal make sure you recycle all of your products once you’re finished with them. Some beauty brands, such as MAC will actually make this worth your while, incentivising recycling their products by giving away a free one in return.

tumblr_m7jqmm5sx11qchs1zo1_12807.      Turn off at the plug

Ever had the feeling that you’ve left your hair straighteners on when you leave the house? Avoid the anxiety by making sure that you turn everything off at the plug, not just the device itself. The same goes to all your beauty appliances.

These tips are courtesy of energy saving experts Zenith Home, to help you reduce your carbon footprint, without forgoing your beauty regime.

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