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It is certainly true that a craftsman is only as good as his tools, and nowhere is this truer than in the kitchen. Delimano is the very latest cookware sensation; a range of Italian-made high-quality, ceramic-coated cooking tools that combine style and practicality. What’s more, due to the ranges patented technology, not only will your cooking be healthier due to using less oil, it is also better for the environment.


Healthy Cooking

The unique feature across all Delimano products is their CERAMICA® coating*. This is a patented process, by which each of the products is coated in a ceramic dust, meaning that all of Delimano’s cookware is completely non-stick. For the health conscious cooker, this allows you to cook a host of favourite meals with substantially less oil.

As a result, using Delimano products will make your food creations taste rich and flavoursome. What’s more, you’ll see how your ingredients retain their colours, aromas, juices and goodness.

Convenient Cooking

Cooking with Delimano products is not only healthier but also quicker. The CERAMICA® coating allows for better heat conduction. CERAMICA gives excellent heat distribution for even cooking, and allows you to cook on mostly low and medium temperatures.

Delimano products also have a thermo-sensor where the handle meets the pan, which turns red when the ideal cooking temperature has been reached.

image008Environmental Cooking

You can also rest in the knowledge that you’re ‘cooking green’, as Delimano’s ceramic-coated pans require less energy for heating and contain no harmful chemicals. They are easy to clean, scratch resistant and highly durable at high temperatures.

The Delimano range includes: saucepans, frying pans, pots, woks, roasting pans, cookware sets. Prices start from £19.99.

We are giving away a Delimano Ceramica Wok! For your chance to win send us an email or tweet with your details before 14 March 2014. We will inform the winner after 17 March. UK residents only.

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