Protein Powders – Which One is for you?

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With some many protein supplements on the market sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have never bought one before. We all are individuals and have different needs that’s why it’s important to choose one which will work well with your workout routine and fitness goals.

We tried and tested variety of protein powders and got advice from some great experts in the industry to make this choice easier for you.


Best for Building Lean Muscle

Diet Whey Ultra Lean:  Taste Score 8 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 380kcal/70g

As it’s a well know brand in the industry I had quite high expectations for my shake.  My verdict: it’s a great testing protein blend which completely met my expectations. I used it after intensive one hour cardio workout which made a recommended 50g serving size a great advantage.

Ultimate Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Consultant Mr Karl Bickley says: “It is important to understand what supplement you are choosing and to understand if it is the right product for your chosen goal. To make the right choice, first decide when you want to use the supplement; is it for recovery, performance, weight management or strength gains.”

Best Natural Blends

Purition: Taste Score 7 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 375kcal/22.2g

I was probably the most excited about trying this protein powder. I always try to keep my clean, so why not use the same attitude when choosing a protein powder? I really like the concept of this brand and is good to know that the shake you are drinking has ‘no nasties’ inside. This is definitely the go to protein shake for those to like to keep their food ‘real’.

Purition, Managing Director, Edward Taylor, says: “If you want to consume additional protein, and there are lots of reasons why you might, the best way to do it is with REAL food that means, organic grass fed beef and lamb, free range and organic chicken and pork, wild fish, natural dairy, seeds and nuts.”

Good Hemp Nutrition: Taste Score 8 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 448kcal/52.6g

Another great natural protein powder worth giving a try. I was excited to learn that the brand grows their hemp plants right here in the UK! So it’s not only a great natural source of protein, but also a very sustainable product, which we love here at All My Goodness. Did you also know that Hemp is a complete protein? Also, there are no known allergies to hemp so they won’t cause Intestinal Toxemia or bloating.

Sun Warrior: Taste Score 7 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 500kcal/84g

This plant based protein powder  is a mix of hemp, pea and cranberry and is fully organic. Its full of the essential amino acids without any artificial flavours, preservatives or colouring. Also, it contains no animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, added sugar, wheat, or yeast.

Ian Chapman, I am a International Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates instructor says: “You need to look out for protein powders which are totally natural, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. ALWAYS check the sugar content! You also don’t need to go for too high a protein content as the body will not absorb it all anyway. Being processed by cold extraction also ensures the nutrients are not not destroyed by heat. Finally the taste test – avoid ones that taste too sweet – there’s a reason for that!”

Best for Vegetarians

Maximum Vibrance: Taste Score 7 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 524kcal/22.2g

With the popularity of ‘Meat Free Mondays’ and the whole moderation then it comes to eating meat, there is no wonder that the popularity of vegetarian protein powders emerges too. With 7 servings of fruits and vegetables and 6g of fiber this shake makes not only a great post workout shake, but can also be used as a meal replacement.

Water for Health says: “There is an increasing move away from more traditional forms of protein powders such as whey towards vegetarian proteins. When selecting vegetarian protein it is important to select products that have got a good spread of amino acids and ideally an amino acid profile which is as near as possible to human muscle. That unfortunately rules out sources such as hemp. Good formulations are carefully balanced using a number of protein sources to give the best balance.”

Best for Overall Performance

Maxinutrition – Promax Lean: Taste Score 9 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 385kcal/64.1g

If you are looking to get lean definition this definitely one of the best balanced all-in-one product shakes on the market. It’s high in protein with added bonus of Green Tea & Guarana, plus included vitamin B5 which is great for supporting energy metabolism. I have used Maxinutriotin shakes in the past and they have never disappointed me.

Best for Taste

Maxitone – Definity Protein Plus: Taste Score 10 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 372kcal/66.7g

Bearing in mind that taste is a very subjective topic, this was my favourite tasting shakes. If you are a chocolate lover and are a bit bored of traditional chocolate flavoured protein shakes this chocolate toffee protein shake is the one for you. Apart from tasting great it’s has added Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin C. Definity Protein Plus provides 20g of high quality protein to aid recovery after exercise and thus support body toning goals.

Eric Johnstone, Maxinutrition Nutritionist says: “What a lot of people don’t know is protein can aid maintain muscle tissue when on a calorie restricted diet for fat loss. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat so in effect maintains a higher metabolism, which can make it easier to achieve a negative calorie balance. Aim for a protein intake of up to 1.5g (female) or 1.8g (male) per kg of body weight per day depending on your activity level. For help in achieving your goal and protein intake, look at Maxinutrition’s Promax Lean range or the meal replacements called Sculptress Diet from Maxitone.”

Best for Women

Active Women: Taste Score 9 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 535kcal/83.5g

I loved these pre-workout energy shakes. They not only taste great, but really helps to get the max out of your workout as it containing Green Tea, which stimulates your metabolism and contains antioxidants. Even more it also contains Vitamin D, B5, B6, calcium, zinc, and folic acid. These vitamins play vital roles in efficient energy metabolism, and also help safeguard bones and sensitive muscle tissues. The Active Women rage also has a great post workout hydrating drink, which I loved too. The orange flavour, vitamin C and B really helps you to recover quickly after an intense session at the gym.

Bio Synergy says: “When looking for a good protein powder  look for: source of protein, whey isolate is best, followed by whey concentrate and then casein & egg; amount of protein per 100g, some brands talk about serving only, which can be misleading as if a 100g serving with 20g protein actually not that good, look for at least 75g per 100g; low sugar/carbohydrate content, ideally 10% or less and whether it has any other functional benefits, such as folic acid, vitamins etc. “

Best for over 35

Elivar: Taste Score 9 out of 10 Calories and Protein per 100g: 369kcal/43g

Elivar is the first and only company on a global basis that is dedicated to developing sports nutritional solutions for athletes over 35 years of age. It addresses the specific needs of older participants across endurance cycling, triathlon, running and swimming. It doesn’t have high GI sugars like fructose or sucrose and has balanced ratio of 1:1 high GI carbs, in whey instead of the 3:1 ratio of market leading products.

Elivar says: “Diet is a critical factor to consider when you reach the 35+ mark. What athletes need in their twenties is very different to their mid thirties and upwards”, says Len Dunne, co-founder of Elivar, the only range of sports nutrition specifically designed for the 35+ age group. “Athletes over 35 require a more complex blend of proteins that generate a longer recovery window, as it takes longer to repair muscles after training”

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