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Yesterday, my unsuspecting housemate and I went to a Hot Pilates class run by simplyhealth at the Yotopia Yoga studio, London. We expected basic breathing and stretching in a sauna style room. However, the class was suprisingly challenging and very enjoyable.

The event was held to promote back care. Hot Pilates is an alternative treatment for back pain which encompasses the basic principles of Pilates and yoga. The class utilises infrared radiant heating panels to heat up the room. These panels emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which safely warm the body. The heat of the room intensifies perspiration, and makes the joints more flexible, which gives you a better workout.


Like many others, due to my office job and treadmill use, I have lower back pain. The exercises were perfect for tackling this pain. The instructor taught us about ‘imprinting’, focusing on every bone in the vertebrae to ensure that they were not neglected. The exercise of these bones means that back pain can improve tremendously.

The exercises include ways of sitting and crouching that we have lost in Western society and that are still maintained in Eastern cultures. These ways of sitting are natural for the human shape and reintroducing them can help combat back pain.

Hot Pilates is not just for those with back pain, it provides excellent abdominal exercises and trains you to improve your core strength. However, if it is back pain help that you’re looking for, download simplyhealth’s brand new BackCare app.

The class was really fun and we will definitely be returning for more!

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