Wheyhey! There is such a thing as a healthy ice cream!

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During my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, you would very rarely hear me complaining about missing certain foods. Quite the opposite actually, I love cooking my traditional meals and making them ‘cleaner’, adding extra proteins and reducing sugars.

However, I must admit that I’ve always been a very keen ice cream eater and by very keen I mean that even two tubs of Ben & Jerries’ doesn’t seem like a big challenge for me. I love ice cream, so when the lovely people from Wheyhey got in touch and told me about their protein ice cream I was very excited and slightly skeptical.

Healthy ice cream that has all the flavour and creamy texture of regular ice cream, without all of the sugar, fat and calories? How is that possible? And more importantly how will it taste?

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Amazingly, with my very first teaspoon of their chocolate flavour I was convinced! I have even hooked my husband and a few close friends on them. It’s definitely one of the best healthy products I have seen in a while. Every tub of their ice cream is jam packed with whey-based protein isolate (22g which is the equivalent of a small chicken breast), is low in fat and contains no sugar as it is naturally sweetened with Xylitol.

Wheyhey protein ice cream comes in creamy chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. Curious to try it for yourself? You can order them from www.ocado.com, Holland & Barrett, www.wholefoodsmarket.com or www.planetorganic.com. Wheyhey! retails at £6.50 per 500ml tub and £2.50 per 150ml tub.



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