Do You Feel Like Hanging Tonight?

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Hand on heart this is my most favourite review yet! I had an amazing opportunity to review one of Flying Fantastic’s classes in London, and boy I had so much fun.

Flying Fantastic has developed a new concept in exercise classes – Aerial Fitness. And take my word for it, there’s nothing quite like it for an all over body workout.  You can pick between Aerial silks and Aerial Hoop classes and get ready to feel the rush.

For my review I tested the hoop class. I arrived at the venue which is conveniently situated just a few steps away from Farringdon station. Before kicking of we did a couple of yoga inspired stretching moves and then divided into groups: beginners and the ones who’d already started to master the art of swinging in the air.

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Our trainer Hannah was extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. She was showing us different moves and we repeated them working 2 people per hoop. The atmosphere of the class is very relaxed and you get plenty of the teacher’s time and attention – which is great when you are starting out and, if like me, are slightly afraid of heights!

As I’m used to high intensity interval based training, I was a bit unsure at the beginning, if I would get enough from the class fitness wise, but believe me when I say I could definitely feel that my whole body was engaged and benefited from this class.

The class last around 1h 20 minutes, but it didn’t feel that long at all! After our workout we stretched again and the same evening I found myself looking at Flying Fantastic’s website at their silk classes. I think I’m hooked 😉

Curious to try a class yourself? Check out their website for more info and prices

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