A book every parent should have

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Do you know what to do when your kid is choking on a piece of food? Or when it has swallowed detergent? Or how to deal with severe cuts and burns? A recent survey among 1001 UK parents with children under 5 shows that half of parents does not know the official course of action when dealing with a choking child. Only 9% of parents would feel very confident administrating first aid if their child or another child started choking.

UnknownKnowing what to do in case of an emergency is extremely important and can save many lives and limit possible damage. Even if you have done a First Aid course you will need to keep your knowledge up to date.  So if you buy one book this month, make it the First Aid Manual written and authorised by St John Ambulance, St Andrews First Aid and The British Red Cross.

This recently launched 10th edition is a comprehensive guide to treating casualties of all ages in any emergency. The fully revised manual has updated guidance for minor and major first aid situations, including severe bleedinghypothermiachest pains and pelvic injuries, with new protocol for head injuries.

9781409342007L_002The material in the new manual has been set out in a clear and logical manner which equips people with up-to-date and helpful guidelines. Situations are clearly described and illustrated with pictures, courses of action are explained in easy steps. Not only does the manual explain WHAT to do, it gives a pretty good explanation about WHY something needs to be done in a certain way by simply explaining how the human body works. This makes it not only an essential but also very interesting read. And at £13.99 it’s a small but extremely important investment to make.


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