Delicious matcha green tea as easy as it gets

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It’s no secret tea is a healthy brew. We’ve written quite a few posts about the subject. Green tea has some very specific health benefits. Needless to say we were very pleased that one of our favourite tea brands Pukka launched a couple of new green teas. Especially the Supreme Matcha Green caught our attention. As its name implies, this is no ordinary green tea. It contains Matcha powder – the powerful ingredient that gives it such a boost. Together with whole leaf Sencha, Oothu & Suoi Gang organic green teas it’s the ultimate combination and has a smooth, rich taste.

serene-macha-green3dMatcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea that has been used in Japanese tea ceremony for centuries and has always been linked to good health and energy, due to its enormous nutritional value. One cup of matcha is said to be the equivalent of ten cups of regular green tea in terms of health benefits (such as antioxidants).

The taste can be rather strong, even bitter, and may take some time to get used to. Pukka’s mix supreme matcha green is perfect to start drinking matcha, or for the times you want a bit less of the typical matcha taste – but with the health benefits.

And what’s more: as you drink your Supreme Matcha Green tea, every cup helps to protect 10,000 types of plant and 750 species of birds. You’re helping to protect iconic and unique animals like the snow leopard and red panda. Thanks to the WWF program Pukka supports with this tea.

For those of you who prefer another brew of green tea, try the other delicious green teas from Pukka, like cool mint green or clean green with Sicilian lemon and fennel.

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