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Social media has been given a makeover the past few days. No doubt you have already seen the #nomakeupselfie taking over your Twitter and Facebook feed. It’s all for a great cause; to raise awareness of cancer.

The craze, which was started by Escentual in America, encourages women to take selfies without any make-up and post them to social media. The Facebook activity has also resulted in people nominating their friends by ‘tagging’ them and encouraging them to post their own selfie.

Although, the make-up free selfie may appear completely unrelated to the cancer cause, it is suggested that the images show the photographer stripped bare, material things don’t matter. The unity the photographs have created has been immense. If you haven’t already posted, get involved.

Simply post your a picture of yourself make-up free but don’t forget to tell your friends to text the word BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 to the cause.

The ‘no make-up selfie’ trend has already helped  Cancer Research UK raise more than £2 million.

At allmygoodness, we love the natural look and because this is all for an excellent cause – au naturel has never been better.

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