Couleur Caramel: high quality natural make-up

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Natural skincare is fairly easy to come by, but natural make-up is a whole different story. In our search we came across Couleur Caramel, a natural make-up brand of French origin, and we decided to put it to the test.

10007537_235361719982161_4597069_nBefore we go into our experience with the products, first a little something about the brand. Couleur Caramel, unique for its professional quality, is stirring a revolution across Europe. It has been praised by make-up professionals in the motion pictures industry as “the most sought after by both female and male actors”. It has been used by the likes of Eva Longoria and was featured in Grazia and Hello magazines.

Couleur Caramel products are natural, organic and mineral. They use mineral raw material from trusted sources and organically grown plant-based active ingredients. The plants in Couleur Caramel make-up are cultivated under strict control on lands free from chemical fertilizers, and are harvested with utmost care. The formulas are free from synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients. They do not use parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances. Couleur Caramel products hold the “Cosmebio” label by the certification body Ecocert, which develops standards for natural and organic cosmetics. The products are suitable for all skin types, including post-treatment skin, and all lifestyles, including vegetarian. Many of Couleur Caramel’s products are suitable for strictly vegan.

The product range seems to be endless: anything you can think of for lips, face, eyes, skin and accessories such as brushes. Prices are very reasonable, which is a bonus.

Now for our experience: we’ve done a pretty thorough testing of this brand in terms of number of products tested and in terms of time we tested it (several weeks). In general our verdict is very positive: this is clearly a natural brand of professional quality. The products range from extravagant to more natural, so no matter your taste you will find what you need. We’ve tested the mineral powders, several eye shadows, mascara, primers, blush, compact powder, sun powder and eye make-up remover. We will highlight our favourites:

A great starter when applying make-up is the Make-up base nr 1, an essential product to prime the skin and optimise the result and hold of make-up. This creamy textured white base prepares, illuminates the skin and with regular use can reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Recommended for all skin types including dull or tired complexions. We love this primer as it leaves the skin feeling nourished, something many primers don’t do. It feels like a light day cream. It works perfect as a base to hold for example the bio mineral foundation (£23.50).

Couleur-Caramel-Bio-Mineral-111826The Bio Mineral Foundation is a lovely light powder that allows skin to breathe, without drying it out, offering a natural, silky and velvety-smooth, radiant finish. Very easy to apply, no risk of streaks (£20).

Couleur-Caramel-Sun-Powder-111720_1_The Teint de Soleil sun powder is great for the days when you need an extra pick-me-up. The lightweight texture of this micronised powder illuminates the skin with a healthy glow. Mattifies, evens out and brings a touch of light to the complexion. Delivers a silky-smooth finish with a subtle shimmer for a guaranteed healthy glow. This fabulous product’s subtly shimmering finish makes it suitable for both day and evening looks. As it captures the light, it is especially effective in revitalising tired complexions. Also easy to apply, leaving a very natural result (£18.50).

ombrepaupires3wqThe eye shadows are also amazing. They come in all sorts of colors, from dramatic to nudes. Made of micronised powder for a velvety, silky texture and excellent hold. Easy to apply and they look very natural, as if it’s impossible to put on too much (£11.00).

It’s hard to find a good natural eye make-up remover but we’ve found one: the Eye Cleansing Veil with organic rose does the trick. It removes make-up gently from the sensitive eye contour area. It does not dry the eyes and is specially made for sensitive eyes and/or for those with contact lenses (such as ourselves). Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control to remove even waterproof mascara and soften the eye contour. We are sticking to this one (£15.00).

Couleur Caramel is a natural make-up brand that delivers. The products feel great on your skin and have a soft scent, like you are not wearing make-up at all. We are a fan!


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