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Recently, I signed up to a half marathon and I thought it was about time I start training. With the weather getting warmer, I was starting to get sick of the stuffy indoors of the gym so I bravely decided to pause my membership. I say bravely, because often when you’re not paying for exercise or you don’t have a specific place to go, it is difficult to motivate yourself.

At first, pushing myself to go for a run after work was quite tough. I had no real record of how I was training. After having a moan about this to a friend, they then introduced me to running apps. With an app, I have felt even more encouraged to run. Recording each of my workouts ensures that I am always trying to push myself harder as I do in the gym.


At first I began using Strava, an app that works like a pedometer. It’s quite simplistic but effectively records the time and distance of your run. However, if you’re looking for a more interactive app then Map my run is for you. It enables you to connect with friends from your social networks or contacts and share your exact map route that it has tracked with GPS. It also suggests tracks that you may want to run.

After a month of no gym, I’ve started to wonder why I was paying for the privilege of running towards a blank wall. Download an app, get your trainers on and get running!

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