Wedding dress art

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With the average wedding dress costing £2,000, it’s truly the most expensive garment that most women will ever wear. At the other end of the scale, Kate Middleton’s iconic dress came to a staggering £250,000. So once the day has gone, what do you do with it? Sure, you could sell it on eBay, give it away, leave it to gather dust in your wardrobe or you could make spectacular art with it.

Although, we were initially a bit put off by the phenomena of ‘Trash the dress’, as it doesn’t scream up-cycle, the result is beautiful and artistic photo shoots of brides after their big day.


What’s more, you don’t really have to destroy your dress. Wreck My Dress, use digital compositing, which is a technique that was once reserved for high-end magazines. So, whether, your dress is painted, drowned or set on fire, it can all be part of their camera wizardry!

Or if you want to, you can destroy your dress for real and there are more and more companies out there that provide this service too.

For around £500, you can get an exciting, professional photo shoot and the chance to wear your dress for a second time.

Don’t let your dress sit in your cupboard, gathering mothballs; create art and wreck your dress!



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