Vintage shopping in Sheffield

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Sheffield, the home of the Arctic Monkeys, steel works, The Full Monty movie and the city where I went to university. Sheffield is a brilliant place for quirky bars, hidden music talents and as a poor student, I learnt that it’s a fantastic place for vintage shopping!

I’m happy to say that many of the vintage shops I remember are still going strong.


Located on Carver Street, this place was, and still is, the place to buy your 80’s shirts, your denim and most importantly your cookie Christmas jumper. Freshmans is one of the dearer stores but you certainly pay for what you get.



This store is conveniently located on Sheffield’s West Street, the place for cocktail bars, pub crawls on your way into the city centre. Cow is the home of sequins, lace and vintage fur. If you’re looking to dress to impress then Cow is the place for you.


The Forum

The Forum is like a cool arcade. You walk in through the bar that serves great food and local organic beer (where I used to work as a bar maid) and at the back of the building is a treasure trove of independent vintage shops.


Syd and Mallory 

Syd and Mallory used to be one of the shops hidden away in the Forum’s vintage cavern but now they’re rocking their own store. They used to sell a combination of furniture and interior knickknacks and vintage clothing. Syd and Mallory now sell new pieces and organic, expressive T-shirts.

Try Sheffield for a change of scenery and vintage shopping.


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