Become a big kid and make exercise fun

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Do sit ups bore you? Does the plank make you want to cry? In fact, when was the last time you enjoyed exercise? It was when you called it fun rather than exercise.

Recently, a colleague of mine astounded me when she said that she gave up sit ups two years ago and all the stomach toning she does comes from hula-hooping. It may seem bizarre but  increasingly childhood toys are being produced for the fitness industry.


If we look back to games and activities we played as a child, they are actually really great exercise activities and, more importantly, they’re enjoyable.

Hula Hoop

Buy yourself a weighted exercise hula hoop to exercise your stomach muscles and waist line.The weight of the hoop will make you work slightly harder than the children’s version. Also, if you alway found it difficult to hula hoop as a child, the weight makes it easier to do.Research suggests that you can burn 10 calories per minute and you can even do it whilst watching TV.

Skipping rope

This is a great form of cardio. A child’s skipping rope will do the same trick but if you really want to, you can invest in an exercise skipping rope to ensure your jumping as hard as you can. Boxers are well known for using skipping to improve their strength and conditioning and you can burn up to 200 calories in 15 minutes.

Space Hopper

It may seem ridiculous but you can do it in the comfort of your own home if you don’t want the neighbours thinking you’ve gone barmy. The space hopper is great for toning thighs, legs and arms.So, have a bounce.


You can also use your hopper for the dredded sit ups by placing your legs at a right angle on the ball with you back flat on the ground. It works just like an exercise ball.


If you really want to rekindle your childhood and have an effective workout, invest in a Trampoline. Jumping for 10 minutes is the equivalent of a 30 minute run. If you have little ones it can also be a great way to keep them entertained and fit exercise into your day.

There you have it, be like a kid again and start making exercise fun.

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