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Summer; the calendar is overloaded, the bank balance is waning. So, what is the first thing you cut out? Your gym membership.

L&G have conducted a survey which proves that, statistically, one of the first things people give up when faced with financial difficulty is their gym membership.


allmygoodness are always looking at ways to stay fit for free. These are our top recommendations:


Look for free Latin dancing in your local bar and dance the calories away.

Interval training in your free time

Try out Tabata in your living room. Interval training is a quick and easy way to stay in shape.

DIY Yoga

Read our article and find out how to become flexible and toned for free.

Running apps

Go running outside. Use fitness apps and build up your outdoor fitness.

Become a big kid

Buy adult versions of your childhood toys and hula hoop your way to a slender figure.

Don’t just run, run for a good cause

Sign up for an event.Having a goal such as a marathon or a bike ride can make you achieve your fitness goals.


There you have it, our top ways to become fit for free.

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