The coolest lemonade EVER

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about-1384225889We are smitten, we are ecstatic. We have found what are probably the coolest soft drinks on the planet. Why? Because they taste great, they are organic and fair trade and the bottle design is so cool you will never ever want to toss them out after you’ve enjoyed your fresh drink.

The peeps from All Good have created three very tasty and refreshing lemonades, including a real cola: Karma Cola’s original recipe combines real cola nut from the Boma village in Sierra Leone with natural spices; cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander with lemon, lime and orange oils, vanilla bean grown by the Huiwani Fairtrade Cooperative in Papua New Guinea and organically grown and processed sugar cane from the Manduvira Fairtrade Organic Farmers in Paraguay. They use organic malt extract for flavour and colour instead of nasty burnt sugar or caramel and they don’t use artificial colouring, preservatives or phosphoric acid. A unique cola that makes you question everything you know. Cola as it’s supposed to be.

product-1368475068Gingerella is a delicious ginger ale made from Mother Nature’s magical healer – ginger – grown organically by farmers in the Wayamba region of Sri Lanka. Her clean crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemon, Fairtrade organic vanilla from Papua New Guinea and sugar from Paraguay- and the taste of justice. The best ginger ale we’ve ever tasted. Oh, and we want her on a T-shirt – and on stickers to put on our notebooks.


And then there’s Lemmy Lemonade, our new mascotte. Lucky Lemmy and his organic lemony mates grow in the scorching Sicilian sun. The sugar used is sweeter than ordinary sugar because it’s organic and Fairtrade. It comes from the Manduvira Fairtrade Organic Farmers Cooperative in Arroyos y Esteros in Central Paraguay. Fairtrade has enabled the Manduvirans to build a new refinery and keep a share of the profits of their labour themselves to support their own community. Because it’s organic, it’s not processed with sulphur or bleached like conventional sugar, which keeps things nice and clean and green. There’s also a dash of grapefruit and a splash of other citrus. And they’re all mixed in pure sparkling Aotearoa water. This is a very very refreshing lemonade that reminds us of summer holidays when we were a kid.

At All Good they think it’s a good idea to be able to eat and drink healthily with a healthy conscience. We couldn’t agree more. They are 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and like the organic Fairtrade farmers they deal with, a small business trying to make a difference. We can relate – and we are certain these guys are on to something. They get it. They are the perfect example of a beautiful, tasty quality product with a positive impact on the world.


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