Glastonbury – Love the farm. Leave no trace

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Glastonbury started back in 1970 with a mere 1,500 attendees and an entrance fee of £1 to the remote Somerset haven that is; Worthy Farm. Since then, the event has grown rapidly but the hippy, happy-go-lucky vibe still remains.

Last week, my friends and I went to Glastonbury for the very first time and we had the best five days that you could imagine. The wonderful thing about Glastonbury is that there is something for everyone. Whatever your music taste, you will be able to enjoy live performances from some of your favourites or stumble across new music to fall in love with.

The other great thing about Glastonbury, is that, it’s much more than just a music festival. The event raises money for Oxfam, Greenpeace and Wateraid and aims to drive awareness of these causes. What’s more? There are so many green, eco, and peaceful areas that you can discover yourself.


The Green Fields

This is a place for new ideas, therapies, traditional crafts, relaxation, solar powered entertainment and natural whole foods.

The Green Futures Field

Tetrashacks, pedal powered madness, Bronze Age Earth Lodges, movies, musics, amazing veggies food, and all done in a naturally sustainable way.

The Healing Field

If you’re seeking inspiration in life, spiritual guidance, to be healed or just need to take time out and relax, this is an excellent area to visit at Glastonbury.


Green Crafts Village

A place to make beautiful things to take home, learn traditional skills and see amazing things all around you.

The Greenpeace Field

A giant polar bear, Yoko Ono’s wish trees, carbon neutral showers and an orchestra of samples.

Tipi Field

Find an nirvana in a circle of native American tipis.


A kaleidoscope of holy sofas, smoky prayers, make-shift sound-clouds and gritty love.

Peace Dome

A beautiful, relaxing space for meditation and quiet reflection.

If you’re looking for music, spiritual healing or circus acts; Glastonbury has it all. They welcome groups, couples and families alike. So, whether you want to stay in an area with all the facilities or slum it with the rest of us, Glastonbury will not disappoint you.

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