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Snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy to taste good. I’ve come across some delicious healthier options and put them to the test.


vivid_ff_lineupI’m assuming the health benefits of green tea, especially matcha green tea, are no news to you. Well, you will be pleased to know that you can now get your daily dose of matcha in a carton on the go. Vivid brings us the powder in its first ready to drink format, in three flavours – lime, ginger and honey (my personal favourite!); pear and rhubarb; and grape and elderflower – made using a blend of matcha and fruit juices. Drink chilled and enjoy; absolutely deliciously refreshing stuff.

The Matcha green tea in one carton of Vivid contains many times the antioxidants of regular green tea, as well as the amino acid l-theanine, which research has shown to boost focus and concentration when consumed.Vivid contain all-natural ingredients and no added sugars, aiming to promote both mental and physical performance.

Vivid comes in cartons of 330ml and retails at £1.85 per carton. Vivid is available at Waitrose, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Amazon, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and independent retailers.

Vegesentials (now also for kids!)

38822_vegesentialsAlthough I am not too pleased my local coffee & juice bar switched from fresh pressed juices to ready-made raw juices in a bottle, I do think it is a great thing that it’s now so easy to get raw and pure juices in the supermarket. Vegesentials is the UK’s first raw fruit and vegetable drink brand to hit supermarket shelves. The range of smoothie and juices are made up of half fruit and half vegetable blends and are entirely pure, fresh and raw, providing homemade quality with high nutritional value. The ingredients are cold pressed using innovative HPP Technology, rather than heat processing. I drink them regularly and now they’re even available for kids.

Intended to overcome the everyday struggle of encouraging children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, the tasty range adds new child friendly flavours to the collection, including Cool Cucumber & Pineapple, Groovy Beet & Strawberry Juice and Cheeky Carrot & Peach. I’ve tried them all, great taste. Guaranteed to get your kids to eat (or rather drink) their veggies.

The ‘adult’ drinks come in two sizes, the portable 250ml bottles (RRP £1.99) and larger 750ml family (RRP £4.99) sized bottles and are available from Waitrose, Boots, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Ocado stores. The ‘Fresh Kids On-the-Go’ range launched in Whole Foods stores in April with the introduction of a 125ml lunch box sized bottle.

Dilly & Wolf Snack pots

291901_030614_WeLaunch_DillyWolf_300514_10Dilly & Wolf have developed a tasty savoury, “responsibly indulgent”, snack range with delicious, diverse and nutrient-dense ingredients that contain good fats, unrefined sugars and controlled levels of salt and saturates. Dilly & Wolf has partnered up with some of the country’s most innovative and sustainable producers to create their new range.

The snack pots come in two forms: the Chisp and the Nuster. The Chisp is Dilly & Wolf’s twist on the traditional crisp, containing a moreish blend of chickpeas, wholegrain spelt and yellow split peas. The Nuster is a savoury nut, lightly roasted pea and seed cluster, made with ingredients inspired by tasting missions around the world.

Both concepts have two flavour options each: the Chisp is available in Hebridean Sea Salt, Seaweed And Malt Vinegar, and Sweet & Spicy Spelt and Chickpea, while the Nusters come in British Pea, Wasabi, Macadamia And Chilli, or Spicy Roasted British Pea, Onion And Chilli. My personal favourites are the seaweed chisps and the wasabi nusters. They are different in a good way, and look good too.

Dill & Wolf Chisps will set you back £2.99 and the Nusters £3.99. They are currently exclusive to Selfridges.

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