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When looking for a vintage outfit, allmygoodness often know the best stores to hunt but what if you don’t have the time to go exploring? You head to your local charity shop, right?

The problem with charity shops, is that vintage bargains are few and far between. This is why Oxfam have an online vintage store with all the hand-picked treats from all their UK stores.


You can filter by decade and find the perfect item for you. The scheme started in 2010 and Oxfam were the UK’s first online vintage charity shop.

The online store aims capture the beauty of Oxfam vintage fashion because each piece has been personally donated to an Oxfam shop from someone’s own wardrobe, to tell the stories and heritage of Oxfam vintage.

Check out the website and find an online, vintage bargain, whilst donating to a great cause to help people living in extreme poverty.

Alternatively, if you have time to go exploring, then here are some of our favourite vintage trips:

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