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It’s like falling down the rabbit hole and delving into a whole new world. Immersive theatre has become a much sought after activity within recent years.

Once down the rabbit hole, you may be thrown into a full scale war where you need to arm yourself with makeshift weapons or you may be planted into a forest and waited on by fairies.

Yes, I realise, my description may sound like I have been frequenting Amsterdam’s cafés but this is a real and brilliant thing. It also involves a lot of up-cycling and vintage clothes so allmygoodness were instantly interested.


There are several experiences to take part in but we picked out London’s top three:

Secret Cinema Club

Don’t roll your eyes. Perhaps, Secret Cinema Club is now not so secret. In fact, you could say you’re not a true hipster unless you’ve been. Nevertheless, its reputation precedes it.

SCS recreate the sets of iconic, striking or blockbuster movies (such as Grand Budapest Hotel and Top Gun) and immerse its audience into being part of the movie.

You simply register for the event and get told the location and what costume you should wear closer to the time.

Shawshank redemption


For one night, live a life of crime. Heist is the hit immersive experience that gives you an insight into the gangster lifestyle. You face challenges and meet new people.

The concept of your crime is already thought out but your actions aren’t. It’s an excellent spontaneous experience.

Get your best team together for London’s shadiest night out.

You, Me, Bum, Bum Train

A bit kookier and loopier than the other two immersive experiences, The Bum Bum Train (as it gets called) tells you not to read reviews (oops) and to go to your experience with a complete open mind.

This is the brilliance of the concept. This experience isn’t a group activity but a completely individual one. You’re jostled from room to room. Expect to crawl through washing machines, slide down trees and meet interesting characters along the way.


If immersive theatre is the hottest thing around at the moment, why not immerse yourself?


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