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Honey, sometimes dubbed the ‘golden elixir’, has been popular for centuries due to it’s health benefits. From healing burns, treating coughs to fighting bacteria in the body, honey is indeed a bit of a miracle food.With all the honey available, it can be difficult to pick the right one, so here are a few things to keep in mind when on a honey hunt.

Bees feed on the food available in the area they live in and this is an important factor for the taste of the honey. Bees feeding on clover will make different tasting honey than bees feeding on fruit flowers. Not only will this influence the taste of the honey, it will also have an effect on the specific health benefits.

Many cheaper honeys are a mix of honey from all over the world. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes the taste less original and very predictable, and you never really know where your honey comes from or how pure it is. These honeys can be fine to use as a healthier sweetener in your tea for example. For cooking or simply enjoying a spoonful you might want to try a different kind of honey that is more pure and preferably raw (so not pasteurized/heated). Organic raw honeys are the purest. They contain the least amount of additives or traces of pesticide and offer you the most health benefits. Remember not to give children honey until they are 1 year or older.

lifemel_energymelThe LifeMel range is a range of naturally made health-promoting honeys, all of which are carefully tailored to treat specific health concerns. Over thirty years of extensive research has led to the development of a range of specially prepared herb mixtures that the bees feed on, containing a potent compound of active ingredients designed to boost overall wellbeing and target health concerns. The specially made blends are rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing for fast and effective results. It doesn’t come cheap, but many people have reported great benefits from eating LifeMel honey. The LifeMel range targets many health concerns from PMS to stress, with the range including:


LifeMel is clinically proven to boost white blood cell production, therefore enhancing the immune system. The blend that the bees feed on contains stinging nettles, bilberry, blackcurrant and red clover.
RRP: £37.50 for 120g


Boosts energy levels and clarity whilst alleviating chronic fatigue. The blend that the bees feed on contains ginseng, skipenard and plantain.
RRP: £20 for 120g


Naturally provides a feeling of calm and can be used to regulate sleeping patterns in addition to treating hypertension. The blend that the bees feed on contains passionflower, lavendar hops and oats. We’ve tried this honey and it has a nice sweet, almost syrupy taste. Very smooth and pleasant.
RRP: £20 for 120g

The LifeMel range is available from


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