#currysintrojuicing – an evening of juice and circuit training

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Yesterday evening, I attended #CurrysIntroJuicing; an event sponsored by Currys and Phillips to encourage introducing homemade juice into your diet.


The presentation from Derry Temple, manager of Temple Fitness outlined the benefits of creating your own juice from fresh fruit and vegetables. According to Derry, it is great to make juice because it helps the body absorb nutrients and vitamins that are otherwise not easily consumed.

Derry’s top tip was to create juice with more vegetables than fruit to avoid overdoing it with Fructose sugars. We then had a juice making workshop and created our own juices. I was surprised by how delicious carrot and berry juice actually is.  I learnt that the darker the vegetable, the better the juice is for you because these vegetable groups contain a wider variant of vitamins. Try out kale, cabbage, spinach and parsley.


Following the juice workshop, Derry put us through our paces with a ‘body conditioning’ workout at Urban Kings. Unfortunately for me, I mixed up ‘body conditioning’ with ‘body balance’. There I was, ready to bend, stretch and work on my core and I was hurtled into a class of circuits and boxing training. We were split into two teams to race round an obstacle course of jumping jacks, step, weights and push ups. I loved it but in hindsight that may be because my team won.


Needless to say, I am a complete juice convert and dug out my blender this morning for a breakfast juice. Even though I was impressed by Currys futuristic, slightly scary, food whizzers, I don’t feel the need to buy one, mine works just fine, thanks.

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