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Last weekend, my friends and I headed to sunny Brighton. After living in London for a while now, I was really surprised that I hadn’t been before. It’s only an hour away on the train and very cheap to get to.

Once we arrived in Brighton we were pleasantly surprised. As soon as you walk out of the station, the sea air hits you and it is as quaint as the postcards.

We were staying a little closer to Hove, where the pretty houses are similar to other seaside towns; painted in bright colours, tall as town houses with huge bay windows.


After dropping our bags off at our hotel, we strolled down to the sea. The water is beautiful and clear and we even had a little swim. It’s great to walk along to the coast to the famous pier itself which can take you out further into the waves.

In the evening, we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of The Lanes; cute windy paths that have a great restaurant, cafe and bar every step of the way. A great way to go exploring.

The following day, we had breakfast by the Brighton Royal Pavilion, an impressive, former Royal residence built in 1823. The Pavilion has a beautiful Indian style exterior which certainly nods towards influences of the British Empire. The Pavilion gardens are also great to take a stroll around.


I absolutely loved Brighton but my only comment would be that, despite being a holiday town, the locals really don’t like tourists! However, you can’t really criticise, if you’re the type of Londoner who rolls your eyes when people stand to the left of the elevator or you avoid Leicester Square like the plague. Despite some hostility, we had an excellent time dancing the night away with other tourists in Brighton’s famous gay bars.

If you’re looking for a cheap summer break, then I fully recommend Brighton.

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