The Children’s Books store in Angel, London

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The other day, I was popping out for my lunch break and I came across this cute little store on Chadwell Street, Angel. I didn’t really believe the sign on the window that said ‘All new books £1’ but I thought I would check it out nevertheless.


To my amazement, Julie (the book keeper) had a wonderful range of children’s books from Roald Dahl books to The Hungry Caterpillar and all for only one pound.

The reason the books are cheap is because she only gets one version of each book. Therefore, if you’re looking for something in particular this is perhaps not the place for you. However, there is certainly a great range.

It’s brilliant for presents and I’m sure my nephew will be thrilled with all his Michael Morpurgo books, all for the price of one. If you’re looking for some entertainment for your children, or perhaps a gift to put in children’s party bags, then check this out.


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