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This weekend, I went along to a rather unconventional 30th birthday party. On the surface, it sounded outdoorsy yet relaxing; a weekend of camping, homemade food and good wine – marvelous but then we read the small print… activities?!

We had no idea what to expect from these activities but with it being for a friend’s birthday, we went along. The activity day took place at Oaklands Manor in Buxton and the challenges included:


The climbing wall

Scaling a climbing wall was not my usual idea of what I should be doing on a Saturday afternoon but it was great. By racing each other to the top of the 30ft wall, we had so much fun that we were barely aware of the exercise involved or of the height!

Rock climbing is not only fun but it has brilliant health benefits. Climbing at a moderate intensity for around one hour will burn around 400 calories.  It can increase in muscle mass and tone. Rock climbing is a great exercise because it targets muscles in the arms, chest, back, and even the legs. This makes it a great exercise for people who don’t have a whole lot of time.

Jacob’s ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a challenging high-rope task. Just like climbing a giant’s ladder made of large poles, it gets harder the higher you climb as the gap between each rung gets bigger.

The ladder is even more difficult than the climbing wall and can take around half an hour to forty minutes to complete and it can burn around 500 calories. The exercise can only be done with a partner so you feel a real sense of achievement once you’ve both completed it.

The Crate Stack

The crate stack was probably the most enjoyable task of the day. Like a human Jenga, the majority of the team stack the crates, whilst two members of the team climb them. Ropes and harnesses are required as the tower gets higher and as you work together to stop it from collapsing, which it inevitably does.

Once the crates fall the two team members drop and swing on their ropes. It was a brilliant activity to work on your core and balancing skills.



The Leap of Faith

This activity was by far the scariest but also the biggest achievement. It involved scaling a pole then leaping off it to punch a dangling ball. The most difficult part was balancing at the top so that you can stand and jump off like a real-life spider man.

After this weekend, I would really recommend an activity day out if you’re planning a quirky birthday party, day out with the kids or a way of company bonding.

There are several centres that hold this sort of activity around the country. Try Go Ape, Tree Runners, or even the cheap and modest Oaklands Manor.

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