Intermarché – discover the ugly fruit which is beautiful inside

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Having just spent the last two weeks in Europe, finding tomatoes as big as my face and apples as bruised as a boxer, I started to wonder; why are we so obsessed with perfect fruit?

Sure, sometimes an ugly pear or a weird potato may not look appealing but do they taste any different? I think not. In fact, they taste better.

A recent campaign by the French supermarket chain, Intermarché is on a mission to make shoppers see the inner beauty of bashed and deformed fruit and vegetables. They aim to champion good produce over cosmetic criteria and prevent waste.


The campaign comes at a time when so many families can’t afford to eat the five daily portions of fruits and vegetables recommended by nutritionists.

“Now, you can eat five ‘inglorious’ fruits and vegetables a day. As good, but 30 percent cheaper,” says an Intermarché promotional video.

The French are eating it up like ahem Frogs legs. After Intermarché launched the campaign in March, it sold out of its ugly fruits and vegetables within the first two days, and saw a 24 percent increase in traffic in participating stores. Now it’s looking to expand the program to its 1,474 supermarkets all over France.

The fruit is not only cheaper but healthier. Banish genetically modified, pretty foods from your shopping basket and embrace the ugly when and where you can.


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