Pitaya Plus – great taste and a great cause

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Recently, I’ve set myself the challenge of trying a new, exotic fruit each week. This week I tried Pitaya (Dragon fruit). I was pleasantly surprised by its refreshing kiwi-like taste.

After researching Pitaya, I then came across Pitaya Plus products.


Behind their Pitaya fruit smoothie satchets and fruit bars, there is an incredible story of social empowerment. Their goal is to help create new employment opportunities in areas of the world that need it the most. The Pitaya farmers of Central America have struggled for decades because they have been limited to the local economies in which they operate out of. Pitaya Plus helps open doors to markets that they have never had a chance to participate in.

pitaya satchets

The farmers and producers are an important part of the project. Pitaya Plus work with them directly, and meet with every one of them face-to-face to ensure that the farms where they source fruit from are kept clean, and working conditions are good for everyone involved. 

Try Pitaya today and help the Pitaya farmers and their families.

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