Crazy for coconuts – the best products on the market

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Over the last few years, allmygoodness and health bods alike have gone crazy for coconuts; coconut flavoured drinks that is.

I have tried various coconut products and here’s how I rate them:

5.  In at number 5 is Alpro. This Alpro drink is more of a milk and has a strong coconut taste. It’s delicious with coconut or berry cereal. It’s only 40 calories per glass without any added sugars. However, allmygoodness think that coconut is better on its own rather than combining with rice milk.


4. Cocofina is available in most health stores. Cocofina is a great alternative to water and a way to keep yourself hydrated naturally. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Cocofina’s taste is not as strong as other brands but this makes it extra refreshing.


3. Our third coconut choice is Rubicon. Rubicon is fantastic for creating smoothies and for refreshment. Fantastic to make homemade ice lollies with. Simply buy ice lolly moulds, pour in the liquid and then freeze. A refreshing and low cal snack after a run.


2. Chi pure coconut water is delicious but doesn’t quite beat our favourite…


1. We at allmygoodness love Vita Coco. The coconut oil is fantastic for cooking and the drink is brilliant completely on its own.


Try out coconut products today.

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