An Eco-Sticker to save the world

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We all know the repercussions of our own energy use go beyond annoying our flatmates over the electricity bill, but as we are running out the door for a night out or to a meeting, that is often hard to remember. Imagine if we flicked off our lights as quickly as we turn off our straighteners, with the same automatic response that comes with not wanting to burn your house, but instead not wanting to burn fossils fuels (that are heating up our planet)!

co2_web_7With this is mind, Hu2 Design has teamed up with Green Impact and shaped a worldwide CO2 Campaign to fight global warming by encouraging us to turn off our lights and start #FlickingCO2. The Campaign uses Hu2’s award winning CO2 Reminder Sticker, originally designed by a young Parisian artist Antoine Tes-Ted, the founder of Hu2. These eye-catching stickers are used to prompt everyday thinking for the environment and almost subconsciously form positive habits for life to even the most forgetful of us.

The Campaign takes its first steps this September in universities of America – the home of innovators and decision makers of tomorrow that are our big hope of creating a sustainable world for the future. Here the CO2 stickers are stuck on light switches of campuses and office buildings, creating awareness and encouraging people towards greener everyday choices. The message is then spread by students and other like-minded people: just say ‘cheese’, take a selfie with the sticker, upload it on social media and use the hashtag combo #FlickingCO2 @Hu2Design to become part of the universal group stopping CO2

Naamloos1From United States to Australia and from England to Scandinavia, schools, businesses and individuals are now sticking up the Eco-Reminder to spread the message. Hu2 is selling the CO2 Reminder without any profit for $1 to help get the message out. Each Reminder is handmade and of course, environmentally friendly!

Start #FlickingCo2 and learn more about the Campaign here or on Hu2’s Instagram page.


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Jackie is Community Manager at Hu2 Design, an eco-social design studio based in Paris where it’s all about sustainability. She is also a full time peanut butter addict who loves reading, travelling and her greedy cat Olly! Follow her and the Hu2 Design team on Instagram and Twitter @Hu2Design.