Emma Watson’s speech is great so why do many women still dislike the word ‘feminism’?

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Emma Watson’s speech for the UN aims to engage men in the fight for gender equality. It is a fantastic and moving speech but it still doesn’t speak to everyone. I am definitely a feminist. I believe that women should have equal rights. So, why do I or many of my friends still flinch at the word ‘feminist’? It has become much more popular amongst my peers to talk of equal rights over using the word feminism. This needs to change.


One of my best friends, who is Oxbridge educated and another who left school at sixteen were equally expressive about the matter on social media. This is an issue that effects men and women from all backgrounds. ‘Feminist’ is not a bad word. It doesn’t mean crazed bra burning or madonna look-alikes and and it isn’t a form of rebellion. It means fighting for equality.

If you think it’s unfair that on average women are paid less than men, you’re a feminist. If you think it’s unfair that you, your sister or your wife would be criticised for taking maternity leave, you’re a feminist. It doesn’t mean “man hater” as Watson pointed out .

As Watson explains; gender inequality is not just an issue for women but a human rights issue. The He for She campaign needs to rally women and men. It is everyone’s problem.

Watson’s point is clear and I commend her. Here’s to equality.

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