Cycling in winter

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Cycling is becoming a more popular way to get around. Although, it is more effort and it may take longer to get somewhere, it is an excellent way to exercise and fit it into your busy lifestyle.

However, when the winter months come in, the enthusiasm to cycle can start to die. Here are top tips for winter cycling from LV:

Light up

The winter nights mean that it turns dark earlier so there is even more cause to light up. You should equip your bike with lights and reflectors so that pedestrians and motorists can distinguish that a cyclist is approaching. Equally, you should wear high-visibility clothing, which provides another literal layer of safety. Be seen.

Dress well

Just because you’re on a bicycle doesn’t mean you should wrap up any less. Wear garments that are waterproof and windproof. These specialist garments are lightweight yet still able to heat you up.


Bicycle inspection

You should inspect your bicycle regularly to make sure it is in peak condition not just in winter but all year round. This will allow you to ride safely and well. Although it will only take you a few minutes to check your bike over, it can make a tremendous amount of difference to your experience.

Here’s what you should do: check tyre air pressure; make sure the brakes grip; examine that wheels are not unnecessarily loose; test that the pedals spin freely; tighten your saddle so that it is firm; and confirm that the chain runs smoothly.

Plan ahead

Due to weather conditions, your journey can take a lot longer than it would normally. Check the weather forecast before you leave the house. Be prepared for flat tyres and take food, drink and extra clothing with you.

And… Enjoy!


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