Be Real Campaign: Growing pressure of New Year fad diets causing body anxiety

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You’ve probably already read a number of articles about what diet to do this January. Be Real, the UK’s national movement for body confidence, is issuing a warning against the damaging impact of quick fix fad diets on body image. The caution comes as new research shows diet messaging in the first five days in January is increasing year on year.


Be Real is a national movement made up of individuals, schools, businesses, charities and public bodies. Their research shows that in January 2014, there were over 1,200 mentions of the word ‘diet’ in national and regional media articles in the first five days alone.

allmygoodness have explored fad diets previously with intermittent fasting and the influence of media on body image and we think that Be Real is an excellent way to start looking at body image in a realistic and healthy way.

Caroline Nokes MP, Chair of Be Real, says: “We know that healthy eating is important and we are not ‘anti-diet’ but at this time of year we know it’s really difficult to escape the deluge of health and fitness messaging which appears all around us, much of which focuses on fad diets.”

Be Real recognises the impact of low body confidence on people’s physical and mental health and they aim to help with this. Rather than sharing recipes for a broccoli soup diet this January, share this campaign with your friends and start tackling body anxiety.

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