Love is a Pink Cake by Andy Warhol

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Yesterday, my friend and I visited the small yet delightful A & D gallery in Marylebone. The exhibition there was Andy Warhol’s Love is a Pink Cake.

The gallery consists of sketches of historical figures such as Oscar Wilde, characters from literary history such as Romeo and Juliet and illustrates their experience with love.

The works are accompanied by short poems by Ralph T. Ward. These texts are considered to imply a possible intimate relationship with Warhol, some are vulgar, while others are full of insight. Just as Warhol’s illustrations vary from the primitive to sophisticated charm.


Beginning in the early 50s, Andy Warhol self published a series of books and portfolios. Printed on commercial lithographic machinery, these monochrome books were Warhol’s first foray into multiples and print. They represent a showcase of Warhol’s innate sense of design & composition, as well as his humor & wit.

Another part of the gallery showed Wahol’s later work for various glossy American magazines. One of my favourite pieces was a crucifix with disney-like images painted on it. The face of the cartoon is blocked out and makes for a fun interesting piece of art.

Warhol Capture

Although, the exhibition finished this week, you can contact the gallery if you would like to purchase any these affordable pieces.


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