Coconut oil for whiter teeth

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My mum has always been a lover of one-solves-all ingredients. For example, apple vinegar. Apple vinegar can be used in cooking, to clean floors, windows and especially mirrors. When I visited home last weekend, she introduced me to the wonders of coconut oil.

I have used coconut oil for my hair before with great results but now my mum has prescribed coconut oil for eczema cream, body butter and teeth whitener.

I noticed that my whole family’s knashers were looking gleaming white and the secret is coconut oil. This is an old and proven method from India and now it even has clinical research behind it.

The key is; before you wash your teeth, swill coconut oil about your teeth like a mouth wash for fifteen minutes. The solid oil will melt in your mouth and polish your teeth naturally. When you get rid of it make sure it’s in the bin or loo to prevent sink blockage.

After one week, I can already see results. Coconut oil is widely available from local health and organic stores. Holland and Barett and Planet Organic stock a wide range of coconut oils.

If you’re not keen on the taste of coconut oil then Coco White provide the oil in different flavours.




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