The Toy Store brings children’s paradise to the UK

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When Middle Eastern retailer The Toy Store opened its first UK location on Oxford Street last week, many kids jumped for joy. The Toy Store is the kind of toy store you see in movies, or dream about as a kid. The store is bright, open, safe and completely built around fun and play. Toys are carefully selected and the range of brands is impressive. Around every corner there is something inspiring or fun to see or do, and if you’re lucky you’ll see your favourite characters come to life. There is merry music and entertainment by the cheerful staff. It feels like being in Disney World. Let’s say if a toy store can have their very own Mr Men character called Mr Fun walking around, they get it.

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What we love most about The Toy Store is that it actually encourages you to play before you pay: no grumpy personnel here giving parents the hard stare when darling son or daughter dares to try out some of the toys. Oh no, this store wants your kids to try and test the toys before you buy, so they can leave the store satisfied and certain of their choice. That means happier kids and less hardly touched toys in a corner (or bin). The Toy Store makes buying a toy a special event again, not a hit-and-run act of thoughtless consumption.

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