Get rid of head lice the natural way!

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It’s every parent’s nightmare: little buggers crawling over your child’s head, leaving nits and causing itching. It means distress and weeks of combing. Checking the entire family, treating them all, only to find that a few weeks later, they’re back…

There are many otc products available to treat headline, but they are either chemical rubbish or simply don’t work. It doesn’t help the critters are becoming resistant to most treatments either…


Enter Picksan! Picksan Lice Stop Shampoo contains natural active ingredients, giving parents peace of mind that it is free of harmful chemicals. The formula includes the patented MelAza extract. The MelAza extract consists of a special neem seed extract that is extracted from the neem tree. The Neem seed has been used in India to treat lice for thousands of years. Lice Stop Anti-Lice cares for hair, is soft on the scalp and has a pleasant scent. Lice Stop Anti-Lice Shampoo leaves hair smooth and easy to comb.

I have personally tried and tested these products on my children and they do work wonders. Every morning before school I spray them in the neckline an behind the ears with the preventative spray. Finally all three are lice and nit free, the natural way, and I intend to keep it that way!

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