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Want to lose weight and be healthier, happier and more beautiful, the easy way – by eating? We don’t want to sound like a cheap add, but … YOU CAN! Now we are serious foodies, so trust us when we tell you that you can reach all of the above, by eating (the right) delicious food. As in most cases in life, it’s all about making choices. How it works? Read on, we found some amazing books to lend a helping hand.

Eat Clean – Wok yourself to health (By Ching-He Huang)

chingFood writer and TV chef Ching-He Huang transformed her health when she began eating whole foods and cutting out processed and high-sugar foods. Her new cookbook Eat Clean guides you in a clear and practical manner to chose the right foods and adopt easy techniques to create delicious meals that help you detoxify and nourish your body, resulting in a better, stronger, slimmer you. The recipes are very easy to follow and most dishes are ready in a matter of minutes. A wonderful cookbook that is a joy to read and flick through. Healthy eating doesn’t get any easier (or tastier).

Ching-He even teamed up with JML to create the perfect tool: the new Lotus Wok from JML is a carbon steel wok that takes its inspiration from the lotus leaf; just as water beads roll off the hydrophobic leaf, moisture rolls off the surface of the wok ensuring your meals are cooked perfectly every time. The self-cleaning ability ensures the Lotus Wok wokis super easy to clean and also helps prevent vegetables from going soggy, so you are left with beautifully crisp, fresh tasting food. The wok heats up quickly distributing high temperatures evenly throughout the base and sides, so your ingredients can be seared at a high heat, with just a small amount of oil to make dishes taste crisp and delicious whilst also retaining their nutrients. Tried an tested by us, and this is indeed a very good wok. And what’s even better, it comes with a glass lid, a steamer rack, wooden spatula and chopsticks, and… a copy of Ching-He’s Eat Clean worth £16.99!

 Available for £49.99 at

The Healthy Life (by Jessica Sepel)

9781509820948The Healthy Life_41Nutritionist and Health blogger Jessica Sepel experienced the dangers of dieting and over-exercising herself. Years of study and personal and clinical practise have made her an expert in healthy eating and wellbeing. Jessica believes great health starts with positive lifestyle changes such as more sleep, less stress and a better connection with those we love. But mostly it’s about the food. She shows how we can eat with a sense of deep peace and enjoyment by choosing the foods that will nourish our bodies.

The Healthy Life is so much more than a cookbook (with, btw, 120 whole food easy to make recipes – most of which are gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo and vegan friendly), it’s a complete guide on finding health and healing, with a focus on healthy eating, hair, skin and beauty tips, weight loss, cleansing – and changing your mindset when it comes to food. All we can say is get this book, it’s a life changer!

Available at most bookshops, RRP £16.99.

The Right Bite (by Jackie Lynch)

It’s easy to follow a healthy diet when you’re in control of your shopping list and the contents of your fridge. But as soon as you step outside the front door, it can get a lot more complicated. Walk into a coffee shop, a bar or the cinema, and making the right decision can be a lot more challenging and confusing.

RightBite_cover-300x364The Right Bite is here to help – small enough to fit in your handbag, this book offers accessible, practical advice for all those everyday occasions, so you can make the smart choice even when healthy options are limited. Each chapter focuses on a different eating environment – from Breakfast on the Go to Working Lunches, Takeaway Food, Pubs, Picnics, Barbeques and the Cinema. The Right Bite explores the type of foods likely to be available and compares them, explaining the main health pitfalls and highlighting top picks. The Right Bite explains why, providing useful insights with a down-to-earth approach.

Jackie Lynch i​s a qualified nutritionist and runs the WellWellWell clinics in Notting Hill and South Kensington. She develops corporate wellness programmes for companies and provides food consultancy for brands. Jackie’s advice features regularly in national newspapers and magazines such as the Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Marie Claire and Vogue.

Available through most bookshops, RRP £6.99.

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