Fussy Little Eaters

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My kids are fussy eaters. Really fussy eaters. They are suspicious by default and need some hard negotiating (“try this and you’ll get a piece of chocolate” – obviously completely irresponsible parenting, but in my defence: it’s organic fair trade dark chocolate) before they will try anything new. Why is a mystery to me, my whole family LOVES eating and I have offered them new tastes from a very young age, but for some reason they all became fussy around 2 years old. I look with envy (and a bit of resentment a must admit) at parents whose offspring gleefully devour a cherry tomato or carrot stick.

I have a bag of tricks to get much needed nutritional substances in their tiny bodies:

  • a good natural multivitamin and omega 3 supplement (“it’s super power drink, you will become very strong and tall!”)
  • vegetable soup (all pureed so no threads, pieces, different colours or anything non-fluid can be discovered) with cheese melt on the side (“you can drink with a straw, and whoever guesses the most vegetables/ingredients I used wins a price – one guess after each big sip”)
  • broccoli mash (pure broccoli mashed with a bit of grated cheese) with fish fingers (usually the promise of desert will help to finish the broccoli mash, in the end, after a lot of persistence)

It’s never a picnic, tea time, but I have good faith that some day they will become true gourmets. And it does offer some solace that I am not the only parent struggling with this. Wren Kitchens conducted a study of 2,000 parents to gain some real insight into busy modern families:
· Nearly half of UK parents admit it is a daily struggle to get their families eating healthy and nutritious meals.
· 1 in 10 admit cooking from scratch and sitting down as a family ONLY occurs once or twice a month in their family
· Nearly 1 in 3 parents reward good behaviour with unhealthy treats (28%) whereas only 1 in 5 reward good behaviour with healthy treats (21%)
· the youngest child is the most likely to be ‘the fussy eater’ (37%) with parents admitting this is mainly down to too much choice (32%) and stubbornness (27%)


So there, I am not alone. But even better, Wren Kitchens created a fabulous E-book with recipes and creative ideas to help struggling parents and make healthy eating fun again. Their blog features some good ideas and information on healthy eating as well. I think I’ll try some #superheroswaps this evening…

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